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Unmanned Aerial Inspection Services

FAA Approved and Certified

Aerial Imagery Works, LLC is approved by the FAA to provide unmanned aerial inspection services. This allows us to do close up evaluations of tall structures or hazardous areas without ever putting a worker in danger. Not are UAVs safer than typical methods of inspection, they are also more cost effective. UAV inspection services cost a fraction of what typical manned operations cost.

Unmanned Aerial Inspection Services

FAA Approved and Certified

Aerial Imagery Works is FAA Drone Certified Exempt

Hi-Res Pictures and Videos

3-Axis Stabiliztion with 10x Optical Zoom

- Videos and photos work together to provide customers with a quick yet detailed overview of their subject

- Camera stabilization along with remote zoom help to create images detailed enough to read labels and serial numbers

- Georeferenced media allows customers to archive the digital data to an inspection database

Thermal Imaging

Real-Time Thermal Video

- Live thermal imaging straight to the pilot alongside live RGB imaging

- Trouble spots are easily targeted and further investigate in the field

- Thermal images can be recored as both still photos and video


Detailed and Accurate 3D models

- Our automated autonomous UAVs allow us to quickly and easily create consistent 3D models of an area

- These 3D models are accurate enough to take linear, area, and volumetric measurements.

- Collecting this data in regular intervals can precisely show development, growth, and any change to the landscape

LiDar Mapping

High Resolution 3D Point Cloud

- All the benefits of LiDar with the convenience of a UAV

- 3D point clouds and 3d elevation models

- Overall model accuracy of up to 2cm

- LiDar has the ability to penetrate vegetation to accurately model landscape elevation

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