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FAA Licensed and Certified

14CFR Part 107 - Section 333 Exemption

Aerial Imagery Works, LLC carries a part 107 certification along with Section 333 Exemption. Having access to both FAA approvals gives us more flexibility when its comes to FAA permissions for certain operations. Along with the unmanned certifications, our pilots are also Part 61 certificate holders which means they are manned aircraft pilots who are licensed to fly real aircrafts. Having pilots who are Part 61 certificate holders gives us a huge advantage when it comes to getting permission from the FAA to fly certain operations or within restricted airspace since our pilots know air traffic communication, traffic patterns, and etiquette.

Aerial Imagery Works is FAA Drone Certified Exempt

Superior Equipment

At Aerial Imagery Works we are committed to providing our clients with the safest and highest quality equipment possible. We know that in order to do this we have to stay on the cutting edge of technology with the latest airframes, propulsion systems, control equipment and software as well as camera stabilization technology. Along with having the most advanced equipment we are constantly testing, tuning and maintaining our gear to the highest standards. This ensures that our equipment is always safe and reliable during operation.

Aerial Imagery Works DJI inspire 2
Aerial Imagery Works Heavy Lifter Alta 8
Aerial Imagery Works RC Camera Car
ARRI Alexa Drone Camera
RED Drone Camera
Sony Drone Camera

Featured Work

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